The Biomechanics of a Food Craving from a Neuroindustrial Perspective

The Biomechanics of a Food Craving :: Foolish Fire

So I’ve been doing a thing called Whole30 since September 1, wherein you only eat health-promoting food for 30 days and then systematically reintroduce, less health-promoting food (aka everything you really love to eat) so you can observe how stuff like gluten and sugar really make you feel. It’s a bit like doing a clean re-install of your operating system, physiologically speaking. It’s all very scientific and I’ve done it once before so I can vouch completely vouch for it, but…

One of side effects however, for me at least, is that for the first few weeks I get these wicked food cravings, and being as I’m so hyper-focused on food right now, as therapy I thought I’d try to illustrate exactly how these cravings feel and share it with the world, or at least the few gullible souls I’ve cajoled into reading this blog.

Truth be told, I’ve actually done enough reading on the science of addiction to be dangerous and trust me, D4 dopamine alleles and ventral tegmental presynaptic mesolimbic blabbetyblahblah do not make for an interesting project, so I made this instead.

I realize the biology may be “questionable” but hey…it’s damn accurate in terms of how it feels.

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