Tutorial: How to convert your hand-lettering into vector shapes using Adobe Shape

Stuff you’ll need if you want to try the techniques in this tutorial:  A smartphone or tablet running the Adobe Shape app A copy of Adobe Photoshop CC and/or Illustrator CC A Creative Cloud subscription (in order to make use of CC Libraries) . Here’s an FAQ page. (Sorry to any legacy Adobe application users. This …

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Big Man Small Car

Un uomo e la sua automobile blu

I love the proportions of man to machine in this painting from a vintage photo I’ve had hanging out in my files for a while. I think it may actually may be taken in France or the Netherlands but the title sounds better in Italian, as do most things.

Ode to Helvetica

If one font can be responsible for one’s choice of career path, in my case it would be Helvetica. This is just a playful tribute to Max Miedinger and the Haas foundry.

The play is the thing

I’m lucky enough to have some uber talented relatives, most notably my cousin David Wally, playwright, former movie mogul and Facebook political soul mate. David is producing his second play, “In & Out: The USofAlienation” in association with Brian Rasmussen at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks and I’ve been helping out with the promotional materials …

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A recent excursion out the front door and down to the bike shop, yielded these cell images.

New Work

This category of new work is a journal of sorts chronicling the roller coaster ride that has always been and continues to be my spiritual evolution. It’s no small thing. It’s a working out of some difficult equations. Some heavy lifting, some loosening of the grip, some wriggling free. Trying on new clothes, new lines, …

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