Warning: Political Art Object Ahead.

When I launched FF back in 2007 I envisioned it as a personal playground, a sketchbook, a sandbox and a refuge from my daily graphic design job, which can become more “production” than “creativity” on any given day. Not complaining—I’m lucky to be paid for what I love to do—but every job has it’s drudgery. So FF was created as a place devoid of clients, art directors or deadlines. And as my little no-stress corner of the blogosphere, where I rarely post “troll bait” subject matter, I’ve been able to make it pretty “flame proof”, or at least “flame retardant” (I do occasionally get a critical comment but more about technique than subject matter).

So it isn’t often that I post politically sensitive content in this space. Instead, I try to adhere to the original mission for Foolish Fire which simply put is to make it more “Foolish” than “Fire”. But news events of late, namely the situation in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere, have awakened my inner rabble-rouser, so I’ve used words and pictures (besides voting…my favorite tools) to make a statement here, in the form of the graphic below, titled “Dear White People”.

If you’re a subscriber to Foolish Fire, first, thank you—I appreciate that you’ve seen something on FF you like well enough to open up your inbox to the occasional email. You may want to close it after this piece, or after future pieces that aren’t just about hand lettering and inspirational quotes. And that’s fine. I get it. I’m always editing my newsletter list.

I still intend to keep this space more playground than political forum, but as I get older and gain the perspective (and orneriness) that brings, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I can remain silent, even here. Especially here. There are simply too many issues in this world that demand my participation and I recognize that as an artist I don’t just have a calling but a responsibility, so sometimes that requires a brief foray into the political realm. Don’t mean to wax all lofty but there you go.

So as always, take what you like and leave the rest…and have a nice day.


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