A Refined Palette

Spied a discarded, wooden palette while cycling up a busy, hilly road. Came back later to claim it and after doing a little Frankenstein-ing using an old salvaged cat tree and a section of old cedar fence, it became an upcycled outdoor coffee table. Total cost to make: $3.00. Payoff in satisfaction: priceless.

This was also the first project which employed my new favorite tool, the Kreg Jig, a wonderful little gadget that helps create perfect pocket holes. Pocket hole joints are crazy strong which allowed me to re-use the 4×4 from a cat tree pole to make strong legs without a lot of other support.

And presto changeo…what was roadside garbage destined ro the landfill is holding up my mom’s old copper colander stuffed with bloomin’ begonias. Thank you careless trucker wherever you are.

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