Illustration Friday-Stay

An animated GIF that you can see in all its glory here.

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday-Stay”

  1. Ho how cool, you animated your collage!! Did you do an animated .gif as I did on one of mine? I think it work perfectly with the theme. And it’s wonderful you had these 3 joined stay-story… the dog, the working guy (hehe) and the couple… (poor dead bird… well he is not dead yet, right? he is still moving hehehe, so there is hope!) Always fun to visit your site, always inspiring!!

  2. Actually, seeing your animation was the initial inspiration to try something similar and yes, it is just an old school animated GIF. On some pieces it does seem to add a layer of whimsy and lifts the elements out of their context a bit. But I agree, I don’t think it works on every piece. And thank you so much for your kind words. You are truly one of the best collage artists I’ve ever seen and it means a lot that you bother to stop by my little blog occasionally and offer such kind and supportive comments. My work is so much a work in progress and I feel like i lose brain cells and bleed little with every piece, trying to figure out where to start but more importantly where to stop. Sometimes I feel like the execution trumps the idea, sometimes the other way around, and then when I’m sure I’ve nailed it, no one else seems to think so. Not that validation is all that important but it when is struggling to find a voice and a style that feels genuine, it helps.

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