Illo Friday-Surprise

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11 thoughts on “Illo Friday-Surprise”

  1. Another great piece. BTW, in Japan, the exclaimation point is called a “bikkuri mark” i.e surprise mark.

  2. The only thing cooler is if they were ‘F’ bombs. Joking, of course. I love this piece! Great, wide-open concept and yes, moody with these muted colours. Great job, Ja mes.

  3. This is such a striking illustration…I really like the mineral colors you used and the fine lines to add detail. The whole concept is very unique!

  4. This is great; pleasure to look at … love the ‘upward’ thrust of the exclamation ‘Surprise’ which usually feels like a bomb has hit from the opposite direction!

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback all! This is one where I felt a little nauseous right before I hit the publish button—not sure why, just really wrestled with it.

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