Only so much swamp gas

In response to some inquiries about the derivation of the name Foolish Fire, I will now provide some enlightenment…It’s basically about swamp gas, folks. That’s it. Pretty sexy, yes? Evidently electrical charges mixed with methane gas rising from your average swamp can create a twinkling lights affect or “foolish fire” that according to legend, compel some folks to enter the swamp seeking the source of the lights never to […]

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No damn cats

I used to teach a class in beginning digital photography. One of the few standing rules in my class was “no damn cats” were allowed as assignment subjects. Beyond that I had few rules and even the “no damn cats” rule was not created because I disliked cats, per se. It’s just that I noticed my students when faced with last minute assignment deadlines would too often resort to

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Wacom I can’t draw a straight line?

Okay all you venerable expert graphics tablet users….why can’t I draw even a relatively straight line from top to bottom on my brand new Intuos3 Wacom Professional Graphics Tablet without veering to the right? Is there a learning curve and I’m just behind it? I’ve tried tilting the tablet, tilting the pen, tilting myself, messing around with the control panel settings and prefs…nothing works and it’s damn humbling. I

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Bored on the Bayou

I will now Carbon 14 date myself. John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival made an appearance on Austin City Limits, a PBS live peformance music series a few nights ago and having little else to choose from (code for no good soccer matches on), I tuned in for a little rock and roll nostalgia. Not that I was ever a huge Creedence fan, in fact me and my garage

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Illustration Friday-Digital

Let’s call this “Digital Cowboy”. Not entirely sure where this emanated from but maybe there’s some sort of marriage between the organic and mechanical world going on. I’ve done digital photography professionally since the early 90’s when it took 5 minutes to scan a color negative, opening the file in Photoshop 2.0 on a Mac FX. So maybe it’s more about that; feeling in some ways like a pioneer,

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Illustration Friday-Envy

Thanks for all the comments on this piece. Now I feel compelled to say something about it. This idea actually has been hanging around for a while and was originally going to be a pro bono poster project for a group of school volunteers. Thus the little bird was standing on top of the big one instead of looking up from below. Kind of a “…on the shoulders of

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