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The Eagle has landed

A preview of a book that will be published later this year on a Golden Eagle named Amazon. Illustrations were all done on my new iPad Pro using Procreate, a $10.00 app I can only describe as life altering. These pieces will appear on the inside of the book which are being printed in grayscale.

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If the poster fits…

Going through some past work, I came across a poster I designed a few years back for a family member and a brilliant playwright named David Wally. The subject matter of the poster just seemed to wrap up the current state of political affairs in the country so I offer it here.

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It’s Summer dammit!

I like inclement weather. The closer I physically get to the fog-shrouded coast the more chipper becomes my demeanor. But this is nuts. It’s frickin’ May, it’s flippin’ California and it hasn’t gotten above 68 for weeks. My cats are velcroed to the bed. I’m wearing a sweater as we speak. I know this qualifies as a heat wave in god-forsaken zip codes like Minnesota but we Cali types

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