The Eagle has landed

A preview of a book that will be published later this year on a Golden Eagle named Amazon. Illustrations were all done on my new iPad Pro using Procreate, a $10.00 app I can only describe as life altering. These pieces will appear on the inside of the book which are being printed in grayscale.

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A Pandemic Gallery

To get to the trail where I walk a few days per week I have to drive through downtown. Since the shelter in place order, I see a few individuals, an occasional couple, mostly walking their dogs. Certainly no groups of three or more anymore. We’ve become, at least temporarily, a society of individuals. And even though in the end that is our true endemic state—we are after all

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Subversive Political Art Friday

I greatly admire professional editorial writers, like the ones in the New York Times,  the New Yorker, et al. Even the writers I usually don’t 100% agree with—David Brooks, Ross Douthat, et al, generally leave me me with fodder for thought and a less choleric attitude about the other side. My dad was a newspaper editor who had a gift for writing editorials. That gene eluded me. Whenever I start to

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If the poster fits…

Going through some past work, I came across a poster I designed a few years back for a family member and a brilliant playwright named David Wally. The subject matter of the poster just seemed to wrap up the current state of political affairs in the country so I offer it here.

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Be the Hero of Your Own Story

I wrote this line but it’s probably not original—don’t care, didn’t check. It felt authentic in the moment. I’d created the little flying dude a while ago after looking at a book of primitive African motifs. He represents some kind of hybrid bat/man in African mythology. So… bat + man = Batman = hero = hero myth = Joseph Campbell = follow your passion = be the hero in your own narrative. And that’s the way that particular rabbit hole happened.  

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Americana :: Waiting for the Parade

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. and a good day to reflect on the sacrifices and service of men and women down through the decades who put themselves in harm’s way. I purposely avoid politics on Foolish Fire but occasionally I’m struck by images that may be construed that way, although what I like about this particular image is not only its equal measure of amusing and poignant

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