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When the CBO chickens come home to roost

Maybe the best thing that could happen to American healthcare is the worst thing that could happen to American healthcare—that McConnell’s draconian, cynical, ill-conceived, anything-for-a-win, health care bill passes the Senate, passes again in the House and gets signed into law, with all the “Upton Effect”, smoke and mirrors so-called “improvements”. It’s fine to get …

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Subversive Political Art Friday

I greatly admire professional editorial writers, like the ones in the New York Times,  the New Yorker, et al. Even the writers I usually don’t 100% agree with—David Brooks, Ross Douthat, et al, generally leave me me with fodder for thought and a less choleric attitude about the other side. My dad was a newspaper editor who …

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Life in the Trumpocalypse – Kittens in Chief

I’m noticing that every time I turn on a TV news show the first words I hear are “Donald Trump…” Same with NPR. I don’t hear his name as a first + surname anymore, just “Donaldtrump”, or “Dontrump” or “Dontrum”, depending on the speaker and also depending on how hard I might be trying to …

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Reluctant reprise

> Honestly. Writing, making art, posting on social media all seem like impotent and feckless responses to tragedy. I’m even coming to despise the word “tragedy” if only because it’s starting to lose it’s meaning with overuse. Others are better at memorializing, analyzing and eulogizing. All I know how to do is make a few pieces of …

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If the poster fits…

Going through some past work, I came across a poster I designed a few years back for a family member and a brilliant playwright named David Wally. The subject matter of the poster just seemed to wrap up the current state of political affairs in the country so I offer it here.

“I am Charlie”

Sorry to be ringing in the New Year with something so tragic and dire but as a former photojournalist and rational citizen of the planet, this is For Charlie Hebdo and the journalists who died needlessly, shamefully, stupidly in Paris on January 7.

The Biomechanics of a Food Craving from a Neuroindustrial Perspective

So I’ve been doing a thing called Whole30 since September 1, wherein you only eat health-promoting food for 30 days and then systematically reintroduce, less health-promoting food (aka everything you really love to eat) so you can observe how stuff like gluten and sugar really make you feel. It’s a bit like doing a clean …

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