Faerie Circles sighted

Martinez, Ca.– Sightings of what are likely to be seven, individual, Faerie Circles have been made in and around Rankin Park in Martinez.

The reports were submitted to local Folk authorities by a human “ally” source, who left a written note inside an acorn for messenger squirrels to deliver to appropriate Folk representatives. Chances are the Folk were already aware of the circles, since they themselves constructed them.

It’s increasingly rare to see any Faerie Circles in the Western Magical Realms, let alone seven, which can only suggest, says local Fae expert and trusted liaison Professor Mistworth Logbody, ‚Äúthat migration of Fae folk must be increasing in the area, which is a very positive sign. The circles are a sign that various councils and subcommittees are holding various meetings. It may very well be a Conclave, which is where many types of Magical Folk gather to discuss matters of great interest to the Folk community.”

He also added, “that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to approach, handle, disturb or otherwise reveal the whereabouts of these very delicate circles if you run across them. Unauthorized entry into a Faerie Circle by humans can result in long term amnesia or major psychological consequences.

A 43-year old Martinez man stumbled into a Circle in 1974, and then disappeared for three days returning in a dazed and confused state. He was dressed as a goat wearing a top hat and insisted on being called Reginald, which was not his name.

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