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Playing in Traffic

Traffic-Related Typography Thing #1 Sometimes life dishes out serendipitous moments like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. One moment you’re sitting at a stop light, idling both mechanically and mentally, and you notice out of the corner of your eye something slightly askew—a thing out of place, context, space and/or time. Or in this case just a weird-ass traffic sign. So it was on my way back from Costco, when this […]

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The Big Game Around the UC Logo Controversy: Haters 1, Designers 0

The AIGA, the largest and most reputable voice for graphic design, weighed in on the University of California logo controversy with a rather scathing article on it’s web site. Turns out though that the articles’ main source, Christopher Simmons of Teaching Design fame, isn’t so upset about the logo, but more about reactions by the thousands of anti-logo petition signers, Facebook comments and even trained his sights on the

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It must be true—it’s Baskerville

Here’s a factoid for my fellow typography geeks. Inspired by the account of a college student who could allegedly raise his grade by using serif fonts over sans serif fonts, New York Times columnist Errol Morris conducted his own experiment using his readers as guinea pigs. The story is here and I won’t give away the conclusion, but suffice to say, if you want to establish cred among your

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