Maybe the only good thing about those annoying little fruit stickers

Who knew? These stupid little label things actually house useful information.
Who knew? These stupid little label things actually house useful information.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about food. No, not because I’m hungry, well maybe a little, but more because I’m intrigued by the whole subject of food, as a thing, a human activity, a cause celebre, an addictive substance, a political movement, and the subject of eleventy-billion blogs. You know…that food.

And in the course of my reading up on it, pondering it, eating it and engaging in a little of my own fork rattling around it on another blog I’m starting called “Munch Ado About Something”, I’ve happened upon some cool, very useful and surprising factoids, which I feel compelled to share. Like, the fact that sticky fruit labels don’t only exist to annoy us, leave glue on our apples and end up on the bottoms of our shoes. They serve a useful function as well, like telling us if they’re conventional food, real food, or frankenfood. Who knew? I didn’t.

So maybe you don’t care about where your fruit comes from. That’s fine. But I can tell you that lots of big corporations and lawyers and stockholders and accountants and bankers and politicians would prefer if you didn’t ask. And that’s all the lefty, tree-hugger, foodanista sermonizing I’ll do for now. Class dismissed. But…just a warning…I’m pretty much obsessed with the whole “advocating the peaceful overthrow of the Standard American Diet” these days, so you may see a few more little appetizers like this one. Bon apetit.

10 thoughts on “Maybe the only good thing about those annoying little fruit stickers”

  1. That is a great illustration. Loving it! Just pinned it, so I would remember. I buy only organic produce and organic food in general. As a foodie and food blogger, yes, I am obsessed with food, too. No GMO products in my household!

  2. This would be super helpful at assisting people in avoiding GMOs, IF they actually labeled them with the 8. They aren’t required to, so they don’t.

  3. Gabby–see the comment above yours. I called myself out on this after reading an article by someone who didn’t just believe the USDA info. Learned my lesson.

  4. The 3, 4, and 9 are correct… but unfortunately companies rarely use the 8 codes to disclose GMOs, since it is not mandatory.

  5. You’re absolutely right. As it turned out, I learned shortly after completing this infographic the sources I used were inadequate (mainly government and industry). I have issued a correction but unfortunately the piece has been out there for a while. Thanks for the feedback.

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