Beware the Bad Cat…

Beware the Bad Cat Bearing a Grudge
An “old adage” from the movie “Babe”

After watching a post-apocalyptic, dystopian downer of a movie called “Perfect Sense” on New Year’s Eve, we decided we better follow up with something a bit more uplifting to usher in 2013 so to help purge the images of Ewan McGregor (and the rest of the planet) methodically losing their sense of smell,taste, hearing, and eventually sight, we cued up “Babe”, the quirky, amazing film about a pig who thought he was a sheep dog. At one point during the film Babe is attacked by the serially crabby house cat. The exchange lands the cat outside and the narrator pipes in with something about there being are lots of perfectly nice cats in the world, “but heed the old adage, beware of the bad cat bearing a grudge.” Ever on the prowl for odd little fragments of wisdom (and being a cat owner) this one had to be brought to life.

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