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Illustration Friday-Stripes

Returning schizophrenically to a painterly style for this topic. “Stripes” reminded me of learning calligraphy when I was younger and the tedium of making guidelines. That idea morphed into the reality that so few people use handwriting at all these days, let alone learn fine penmanship. But it’s never too late.

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday-Stripes”

  1. Never too late for most things that require writing or drawing implements and a desk. I am pleased to let you know that I still write handwritten letters, and I do not believe the form will ever disappear completely. In fact, in may come to be more valued. 🙂

    Very nice painting. She does look a bit annoyed, as if facing that distasteful chore of making guidelines.

  2. Great illo, she does look slightly annoyed of the fact that she is making guidelines and she gives the impression that she would prefer to be somewhere else. Great expression.

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