Illo Friday-Clandestine

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5 thoughts on “Illo Friday-Clandestine”

  1. I received this comment about my last submission:

    “ugh man, I really liked the illustration a lot at first until i saw that it was digital. You should really do this manually, because I can totally tell it’s digital, which is a huge turnoff. I think if you can do this on the computer, you could easily/would only benefit from working it out manually. Keep working though.”

    Not to be melodramatic but I originally disallowed this comment when I received it, which was a mistake, so I’m including it now. Everyone who has ever commented on this blog has been positive, which I appreciate, it feels great to have nice things said about one’s work, but I am, for better or worse, a serious, committed artist and as such, I should not only accept but encourage criticism, if it’s well intended, as this comment was from Matt at So thanks, Matt, for that reminder and for being honest. I’ll take your comment to heart.

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