Illo Friday-Clear

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5 thoughts on “Illo Friday-Clear”

  1. Nice. Clever take on it.

    Your “Shut the f**ck up” post is hilarious. I’ve got a neighbor across the street that, I swear to God, he must make a hobby out purchasing and using the loudest devices on the planet. Leaf blowers, lawn mowers, generators, electric saws, drills–you name it and he’s out there making a racket with it.

    I’m thinking of buying a bee bee gun. You know, pock him in the ass whenever the decibel level gets too high.

  2. Thanks for that “Amen”, Roz. Sometimes it’s lonely being the only guy on my block who still uses an old-fashioned rake and a broom to clean off my driveway because it’s quieter. When I take over your neighbor will be the first to pay up, promise.

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