Illo Friday-Sacrifice

This illustration is inspired by a portrait I made in my past life as a photojournalist of a WWII veteran during a Pearl Harbor Day ceremony.

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8 thoughts on “Illo Friday-Sacrifice”

  1. You’ve really captured something here. He looks lost in a memory. Since he’s a WWII vet, I’d think he was lost in a memory of war. Ironically, he looks as if he’s lost in a *good* memory. Nice.

  2. James, this is really wonderful. He looks like his memories are a heavy burden he carries. Love the blues in the background they are like th efaded memories of distant horizons. lovely! -cris

    -pretty damned good for a fellow tree hugging, latte drinking, Daily Show watching, tofu-eating, conscientious objecting, hybrid driver – cat hostage 🙂

  3. This is a very sensitive and touching portrait. He looks like he carries many memories that he shares only with himslef. The blues are perfect for this image.

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