Illo Friday-Glamour

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8 thoughts on “Illo Friday-Glamour”

  1. This is well done a painting. The colours are very strong, like them. There is an Egyptian touch in this picture. And I can almost see the Aladdin’s lamp there.

  2. I like the flatness of the shapes and the combination of colors. That green eye really stands out…I feel like she’s watching me!

  3. I want to eat that blue pepper. Beautiful colors and composition.

    I also love the mercury retro image and rant about it. As a gemini (which is ruled by mercury), the retrograde is always a big pain in the butt. Everything I’m doing slows down, talks and progress come to a near halt. On the positive side, I do find that I review a lot of things, rethink them, redo them. By the time the planet goes direct, I’ve usually greatly improved whatever projects I’m working on that had been stalled or derailed by the aspect. And then I’m going in a new, better direction.

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