Bus stop by the Ob Sea, Siberia, 2001. Digital painting of a photograph by the author.

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2 thoughts on “Illo-Friday-Cold”

  1. i was about to ask why you had taken away the photos of the little girl (lovely picture, really, great expression!) and the bare legged soccerplayer in the snowy field. (it’s rather normal to play soccer if there’s snow, in that case only the lfield lines are dug out)..

    but i don’t have to ask, because somehow this one expresses ‘cold’ much better…

  2. Hi Victorie,
    I had a break in the daily work and felt I could “push” the topic a little further. I’d prefer not to just post photos if I cna help it. There are after all other sites for that. Thanks for the question and the comment.

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