IlloFriday-Karma1, Karma2

A bit of a cynical take on a popular western perception that we are the center of the universe.

The thing with the mosquito really happened. Guess I should enjoy my life as a designer, I may come back as slime mold.

11 thoughts on “IlloFriday-Karma1, Karma2”

  1. Scepticism is in short supply. I appreciate your slightly cynical version. Don’t you think most of us just pretty much make up what we “need” to believe anyway? Great work… I’m just learning all the graphic tricks and can see your prowess… Yeah, it shows.

  2. I just went to IKEA and around and around gathered a few things in the cart and when i finally made it to the end, I mean the check out, I ditched the cart and ran out of there!
    I love both illustrations, they made me laugh, and then contemplate how sad.

  3. I love both illustrations…and there’s nothing quite like a true story to prop up a good bit of creative ad copy! I laughed all afternoon at these…great work.

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