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Illustration Friday :: Power

Illustration Friday :: Power :: FoolishFire

Good topic this week and ripped from the headlines. This digital pastel piece speaks of the true power behind the power, the string pullers, the puppet masters, whatever other names there are for lobbyists, special interest groups, Super-PACS, and thanks to a Supreme Court that had a collective stroke back in 2008 and then issued the Citizens United Ruling, the “people” that are now corporations.

Illustration Friday :: Jungle

Illustration Friday :: Jungle :: Foolish Fire

While not exactly a “jungle” creature per se, the African centipede does conjure up vivid memories of my time in East Africa, and in particular one sleepless night spent after a freak dry season rain squall, when all the beasties that sequestered themselves when it’s hot and dry, came out to play…in my mud hut. All night. So along with a 10″ long centipede (which like most animals in Africa is abnormally huge and inflicts a nasty bite), I was also visited by some kind of bat that I noticed when it crawled down the mosquito netting over my cot, a large frog (not scary and about the only thing I felt able to dispatch from my hut myself…), a grass rat (an African rat the size of a cat), and a Rhinoceros beetle.

More Africa tales in upcoming posts, most featuring the indigenous animals you don’t read about in the guidebooks or see on safari. Hint: since then I’ve gained huge respect for Porcupines.

Illustration Friday: Shy

This week’s topic conjured leftover emotions from watching the second part of the documentary “Half The Sky”. And although the issues raised in the book/documentary have nothing directly to do with this topic, per se, one of the themes resonated—namely the chrysalis of sorts that resides in every repressed person, whether from without or within, and the vast potential and empowerment that often goes un-realized because of it.

Illustration Friday: Haunted

You know that reoccurring nightmare we all have where we’re minding our business and suddenly off in the distance a body falls from the sky? Or a 747? Or an armadillo? No? That’s just me? …kay.

Anyway…it’s a common theme in my nightmare repertoire, usually accompanied by abject panic and an obsessive need to grab my camera gear and rush to the scene to photograph the carnage (I used to be a photojournalist) only to discover that one or more of the following has happened:

  • I can’t find my camera gear
  • my car is locked (usually a Volkswagen Beetle for some reason) with my camera gear inside which I can see on the seat.
  • I locate my camera gear but it consists of some kind of ancient camera that requires “film” and well…even in my anything-goes dreamworld there’s no film. More panic ensues.

So when Illustration Friday posted “Haunted” as the word topic for this week, my darkish side had to make this eerily accurate image. And now I’m sharing all my deepest and most disturbed visions with all of you. I clearly have no boundaries. Happy Halloween.

Learning Calligraphy

Illustration Friday-Stripes

Returning schizophrenically to a painterly style for this topic. “Stripes” reminded me of learning calligraphy when I was younger and the tedium of making guidelines. That idea morphed into the reality that so few people use handwriting at all these days, let alone learn fine penmanship. But it’s never too late.