Free Downloadable Chalkboard Backgrounds

Free downloadable chalkboard background

A few fellow letterers have asked about the chalk backgrounds I’ve been using for some recent Pinterest posts. Actually those were created using a stock photo of a chalkboard as the base file and while that’s always an option, I thought I’d try creating a convincing chalkboard image myself (sorry iStock) and make it available here on Foolish Fire.

Download the .zip file here

The folder includes a gray, blue and green version in .jpg format.

I’ll be posting another tutorial soon on how to work with these files to create a reversed chalkboard look out of a sketchbook lettering project.

Hey look…a new Foolish file!


Hi-Res Chalkboard backgrounds in 3 flavors!
By popular demand we’ve added a set of high-res backgrounds for just a buck ninety-nine. These will work a lot better for anything you intend to print at 8.5×11 and smaller.

122 thoughts on “Free Downloadable Chalkboard Backgrounds

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  2. Angela

    Thanks so much! I’m using it as a background for an invitation for my sister’s baby shower brunch. I’m just a regular person – no design experience – so this really helps!

  3. Krissy

    Is it possible for you to remake this is 16×20 size? When I enlarged it was very blurry and wouldn’t work as a chalkboard background for me. I’m not so savvy with making my own!

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  7. Gabrielle

    This is the best! I’m going to try it out instead of hand drawing on a real chalkboard to save time designing some puppy announcements for a friend.

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  9. Katu

    Just wanted to say thank you for providing these backgrounds! I’m using them to follow your chalkboard-lettering tutorial, with the intention of making labels for my etsy store’s products. I was not sure whether this fell under your realm of acceptable use (and I also wanted to thank you!), so I’m leaving this comment. I hope you’ll email me if you’d prefer I didn’t use these bases in a commercial sense!

    Thank you in advance!

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  11. Suzanne

    This old mom is learning new tricks…thank you for sharing your expertise, so that others, like myself, may learn from you . I am so very grateful. What is the answer about using your fonts chalkboards commercially?

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  17. Jo

    Hello! Great big thanks for this. I found you through Pinterest and am using these to make a graduation gift.

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  20. Katie

    Thank you for the free download! Greatly appreciated as I’ll be using it to make my sons 1st birthday stats chart 🙂

  21. Rebecca

    It’s been 24 hours and I haven’t received your Hi Res chalkboard backgrounds, despite purchasing them. Are they no longer available?

  22. Rebecca

    Just wanted to follow up and say thanks for responding to me, the link you e-mailed worked fine. 🙂 Thanks again!

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  26. James Ketsdever

    The same policy applies to both the low and high res backgrounds—they’re okay to use for commercial applications. Have a ball. And thanks for asking.

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